Monday, June 3, 2013

           An Ode to My Favorite Red Lipstick 

 I don't know anyone who doesn't love a good red lippy! Pair it with a LBD and a pair of black pumps and you're left feeling feminine and powerful. Or sport it with a boring, dull outfit and suddenly you look like you put a lot more effort into your look than you really did. There is no other makeup item that can pull a look together like a perfect red lip and I'm SO excited to say that after a long hunt, I've found one I feel comfortable in! 

The award goes to MAC's Diva lipstick! Now, if you are familiar with this lipstick then you know it looks nothing like it does in the  picture above if applied straight from the bullet, but that is the beauty of Diva! You can wear it straight from the bullet and get a grungy/modern dark lip or you can wear it like I do and line your lips with it, then dab it all over your lips , and finally layer on a glossy balm over top. The result? An eye-catching dark (but not too dark) vampy/wine red. 

Long ago when I used to have bleach blond hair (yes, laugh all you want but I have pictures to prove that it actually looked good for a future post!) I found that any red I wore looked absolutely amazing on me (Ruby Woo especially was a favorite of mine and still is on blonds) but when I came back to my natural brown hair color, I came to find that red lipsticks looked really dull and did nothing for me like a smokey eye could. So then I stopped wearing red lipsticks, but soon found that something was missing in my life (beauty lover OCD) so then I went on  a hunt. After buying far too many red lipsticks, I decided to search through my stash and stumbled upon Diva which I had bought in my blond hair days and decided to give it another go, however with a more delicate hand. Voila, that emptiness in my heart was now comforted by the lovely Diva. This discovery had led me to realize that with my darker hair, darker wine reds suit me much better than the bright Ruby Woo-esq shades that I used to love. Will I stop buying red lipsticks? "laughs" I think not,  I will always welcome a new red lipstick with open arms, but I'm now comfortable knowing that if I ever need a pick-me-up, then Diva will always be there to make me feel better on those not so glamorous days!

xo Tiff

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