Wednesday, June 19, 2013

(Part 1 of My "Makeup for Your Hair Color" Series)

Believe it or not, I used to have blond hair. REALLY blond hair. Naturally, my hair is a medium brown color but back in the day I used to experiment with various colors through my hair and I remember how difficult it was for me to wear makeup when I went through a brunette to blond transformation. Actually, that is how I stumbled upon beauty blogs and the beauty community on YouTube, as I was desperate for help on what makeup would suit me.  Ironically enough, now that I don't have blond hair is when I have finally figured out what makeup would have suited me best back in the day.

Left to right: Topshop Flush, MAC Well Dressed, NARS Deep Throat, Illamasqua Lover

Blush is your friend. As a blond you can get away with cool-toned pinks and bright corals a lot easier than anyone else, so WORK IT. One of my favorite combinations is MAC's Well Dressed mixed with something like MAC's Style or Illamasqua's Lover. The combo creates a lovely cool, pinky-peach and I adore it. Individually Well Dressed is gorgeous as well, I love cool toned shades on blondes! My all time favorite as a blonde was MAC's Style (not shown above since it smashed) another great option is Illamasqua's Lover for a matte finish, peach blushes are more ideal to those of you with a warmer completion yet still look beautiful on almost everyone. I wanted to give a lovely mention to Topshop's blush in the shade Flush. Although it may appear darker in the pan, when it is blended out it looks like a more easy to wear version of well dressed. I love this blush. It is a cream blush, but has a cream-to powder formula so it doesn't have that "dewy" finish on the skin. Extremely flattering and quite affordable as well. My NARS blush in Deep Throat is a newer addition to my collection and for someone who finds it difficult to wear pink blushes, I seriously cannot put this one down. It has a golden shimmer, and although it is noticeable, it isn't overpowering. It is the most flattering pink blush I have ever come across and would look good on everybody. 

Left to right: MAC Hue, MAC Ruby Woo, MAC Viva Glam II

Two words: RED LIPSTICK. In my opinion, there is nothing more flattering than red lipstick on a blonde, it is extremely eye catching and i've found Ruby Woo to be my all time favorite. Every time I see a blond wearing this lipstick, I melt in envy. It is a matte (yes, it is drying but TOTALLY WORTH IT) and has a clay like texture. It gives you that "Old Hollywood" vibe and makes you feel like somebody special. MAC's Viva Glam II is the best everyday lipstick, it is a satin and I would describe it as a pinky-brown with the slightest hint of grey. This is my all time favorite lipstick in the world. A lot of people describe it as an Angelina Jolie type of shade which I can definitely agree with and I still wear it now that i've returned to my brunette locks. Last but not least, MAC's lipstick in Hue is an all round goodie. You just can't go wrong with this one in your collection. Its a glaze finish and comes across as a sheer pink.

Left to right: MAC Honeylust, MAC Naked Lunch, MAC Patina, Inglot 402 , Inglot 393

One thing I didn't like so much about being a blonde was that smokey eyes weren't as stunning as they could have been. So for an everyday basis, I loved golds. If you can get over the chunky glitter then MAC Honeylust is beautiful, but my favorite was Urban Decay's Half-Baked (not shown above). I'm constantly falling in and out of love with MAC Naked Lunch, but it really is a lovely eyeshadow as well. Once again with the cool-toned theme, MAC Patina is an all time favorite of mine as well as Inglot 402 which is a new one i've picked up and slightly resembles MAC's Sable or the Maybelline Bad to the Bronze cream eyeshadow. I also absolutely adore a smokey rocker eye on blondes and Inglot 393 will do the trick, think Kate Moss. Pure love. 

xo Tiff

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