Thursday, June 6, 2013

My MAC Eyeshadow Collection

Left to right (first row): Rice paper, Nylon, Naked Lunch, Sketch, Smut, Humid
Left to right (second row): Woodwinked, Honeylust, Cork, Folie, Satin Taupe
Left to right (third row): Patina, Mulch, Time and Space (LE), Mythology

Rice paper (frost): I don't really see this as a frost because it is quite sheer, I would describe this as the Naked Lunch's warm-toned sister. Its a yellow-ey golden light all over the lid color or I actually  like to use it in the inner corner for a subtle highlight. 

Nylon (frost): A pale golden shade that is extremely frosty in finish. This eyeshadow is SUPER shimmery and I would never wear it all over the lid, nor would I recommend it on the brow bone. The only use I ever get from this is in the inner corner for a dramatic highlight. It really is stunning in the inner corner and immediately brightens my whole face up. I like to layer a tinny bit of this on top of Rice Paper so that they balance each other out. I highly recommend it! 

Naked Lunch (frost): A sheer pink-y champagne lid shade. I used to despise this shade when I first bought it because it was so sheer, but then I learned to see the sheerness of it as a good thing. It looks beautiful all over the lid for an elegant, classic look and I could see this working for a bridal look as well. I also love it in the inner corner as a highlight and I now really enjoy using it.

Sketch (Velvet): This is a dark burgundy shade that is great paired in the outer corner with Satin Taupe on the lid and Folie in the crease. I also love using it as eyeliner because it makes my green eyes pop like crazy! I tried using it all over the lid for a smokey eye but it wasn't pigmented enough. Overall I really like this shade, I just wish it had more pigment.

Smut (velvet): One of the few grey shades that I actually love! I would describe it as a grey with brown and purple undertones to it. I like to wear this all over the lid and under the yes for a Kate Moss look or pair it with Satin Taupe to bring out the taupe/purple in it. 

Humid (Frost): If I'm completely honest with you, I pretty much never wear this shade at all. I just don't like color eye shadows on me, but if you do then this one is great! its really pigmented and looks like a shimmery dirty/mossy green.

Woodwinked (Veluxe Pearl): This is a golden bronze eyeshadow. The Veluxe Pearl finish is my favorite because it's so pigmented and buttery in texture! This shade is great for blue and green eyes and looks stunning simply by itself. I have to say that I cannot recommend it for pale skin because it has a tendency to look orange, but with a tan it is absolutely stunning! 

Honeylust (Lustre): I have a love-hate relationship with this one. It looks like the most beautiful goldy-peach eyeshadow when swatted, but when applied it isn't the same. What you need to know about this pesky thing is that it has loads of chunky glitters that not only cause fall out but also look chunky on the eyes. I like to layer it with other golds for the best result and occasionally find myself enjoying using it, but I won't repurchase it because I think there are better golds out there. 

Cork (Satin): This is your typical shimmer-less brown crease shade. Its a great warm color to define the crease and I like it underneath the bottom lash-line. I used to use it for eyebrows but found it to be way too warm and obvious. I always like to have a shade like this in all my palettes because it comes in super handy! I wouldn't say that you need this if you have Wedge because the two are very similar! 

Folie (satin): A warm red-brown (heavy on the red). Another eyeshadow that I love to wear in the crease with satin taupe or any other purple looks. Its also stunning in the crease with a gold like Urban Decay's Half Baked on the lid and Sketch in the outer corner. This also helps emphasize my green eyes a lot! 

Satin Taupe (Frost): I think the reason this particular shade gets so much hype is because of its uniqueness. I really do love it and I do see it as one I would repurchase because I don't have anything else like it in my collection and it's one of my favorites for smokey eye looks. 

Patina (frost): A pale, light brown that has a slight golden quality to it. This is my second pan of Patina (woohooo!). The fact that i've used up a whole one already and have used up a lot in the second pan should say a lot! This is my version of an all over the lid "champagne" eyeshadow. I generally don't like light shades all over my lid because I find they don't flatter me, so something that is closer to my skin tone like Patina is perfect! Its not mega pigmented, but rather just pigmented enough and I love it!

Mulch: A warm toned classic shimmery brown. This is also my second pan of this particular shade (I'm rather impressed with myself)! This is your basic shimmery brown eyeshadow from mac and one you just can't go wrong with, in my opinion. A must have for any brown eye look and also looks amazing with patina. 

Time and Space (frost): This one was limited edition, but nonetheless it's still good to know about in case MAC re-promotes it! In the pan it looks very similar to Woodwinked, however when swatched it's less light reflecting and more apricot/orange than gold. I personally don't like these kinds of tones in my eye shadows so I pretty much never use it, but if you do then keep it in mind!

Mythology (Lustre): This is a pinky-orange copper with chunky glitters. You will either love this or hate it. Me? I'm not a fan (I received it as a gift). Every time I try to make this work, it never does. In addition, I'm really not a fan of the chunky glitters that accompany the Lustre finish eye shadows. 

Eye shadows that I use to have but used up: 

Twinks (Veluxe Pearl): I REALLY miss this one. Its pretty much a deep plum brown with shimmer. it looked beautiful all over the lid and I remember getting compliments on it as well. I would highly recommend it and might buy it again someday, but at the moment I can't really justify it.

Carbon (matte): Pure matte black. I used to use this for eyeliner and liked it, but it wasn't true love. It just wasn't pigmented enough for what I expect from MAC eye shadows. 

xo Tiff

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